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Winners of the Istanbul Copyright Awards 2022 Announced

This year, 86 publishing houses from 42 countries participated in the Istanbul Copyright Awards, which was held with the contributions of the Istanbul Governor's Office and the support of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and the Publisher's Professional Associations Federation, within the scope of the 7th Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program organized by the Turkish Printing and Publishing Professional Association with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
Istanbul Copyright Awards, which aim to contribute to the development, cultural cooperation, and promotion of the sector by encouraging the exchange of copyrights from Turkish to foreign languages, to encourage copyright studies and to reward achievements, transform the unique intellectual, artistic and cultural accumulation of Turkish publishing into foreign languages and make significant contributions to its opening to the world.
Logos – A from Macedonia, Christina Tremmel (Verlag auf dem Ruffel) from Germany, Arab Scientific from Lebanon, Alemak from Ukraine, and Academic Press of Georgia from Georgia were among the winners of the 2022 Istanbul Copyright Awards.
The awards of the winning publishing houses were given at the award ceremony held at Atatürk Cultural Center on March 9, 2022. The award ceremony was held with the participation of Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, as well as 555 publishers from 72 countries.
1. Adnan Ismaili, Logos-A, Nothern Macedonia.
The first prize worth 100 000 TL was awarded to the publishing house Logos-A from North Macedonia.
Logos-A publishing house is regarded as the pioneer of independent publishing in former Yugoslavia and new Macedonia. This publishing house, which started its operations in 1989, is one of the largest publishing houses in Macedonia.
It has a wide range of publications with over 1000 titles published in different fields in its publishing life of more than 30 years. This ensures that the publishing house is in an important position in the Macedonian publishing sector.
Logos-A, which started its activities in other countries of the Balkans by crossing the borders of Macedonia, has now become a brand of the Balkans.
So far, Logos-A has been expanding its publishing activities by organizing more than 50 book promotions in different countries, mainly Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Albania. 
Logos-A participated in the Istanbul Copyright Awards with 116 books translated from Turkish.
Category: Literature, history, religion, thought.
Web: https://www.logos-a.com
2. Bassam Chebaro, Arap Scientific Publishers INC, Lebanon.
Arab Scientific Publishers from Lebanon won the second prize of 60 000 TL.
Arab Scientific Publishers was founded in 1973 as a printing house and today it is one of the most important publishing companies in the Arab World.
Arab Scientific publishing house, which has published more than 6,300 titles in various fields in 35 years, is today one of the most important and well-known names in the Lebanese publishing industry.
Arab Scientific publishing house mainly publishes children's books, early youth books, fiction, and non-fiction.
The publishing house publishes works by best-selling Arab authors and brings to life a variety of works in 17 languages, including English, Turkish, Russian, Danish, French, Ukrainian, Chinese, and Norwegian.
Arab Scientific Publishers participated in the Istanbul Copyright Awards with 65 books translated from Turkish.
Category: Literature, children, culture, foreign language learning.
Web: http://www.asp.com.lb
3. Olga Chychynska, Alemak, Ukraine.
Alemak publishing house from Ukraine won the third prize worth 40 000 TL.
Alemak publishing house is the first and only publishing house specializing in classical and modern Turkish literature in Ukraine. Two Turkish books of the publishing house, which has published seven books in Turkish so far, are in the translation phase and are planned to be published in 2022.
Names such as Aslı Perker, Tuna Kiremitçi, Hande Altaylı, Oya Baydar, Ahmet Ümit, Hasan Ali Toptaş are among the authors whose works have been translated with the support of TEDA.
At the same time, Alemak publishing house organizes translation competitions. It makes agreements with the winners of these competitions for the translation of works of Turkish literature.
Undertaking the mission of embassy between the two countries, Alemak tries to bring Turkish works to a larger audience by participating in various book fairs and festivals every year, by promoting the works of Turkish authors.
Alemak participated in the Istanbul Copyright Awards with 7 books translated from Turkish.
Note: Emrah Kısakürek received the award, representing Olga Chychynska, who could not attend the award ceremony.
Category: Literature, children.
4. Tamara Natchkebia, Academic Press of Georgia LLC, Georgia.
The publishing house, which was deemed worthy of the ITO Special Award worth 40 000 TL, has become Academic Press of Georgia LLC from Georgia.
Founded in 2015, Academic Press of Georgia publishes children's, teachers’, and secondary school books that appeal to more academic audiences. In addition to this kind of books, it gives life to fiction and non-fiction books translated from Georgian and foreign languages into Georgian.
Academic Press is Georgia's leading publishing house of foreign works. It has published around 40 titles since its establishment. Among them are the works of Turkish writers.
It has received translation grants from Academic Press of Georgia, Sharjah United Arab Emirates, Georgian United States Embassy, Georgian Italian Embassy, Russia Institut Perevoda, NORLA, TEDA, and other institutions.
Academic Press of Georgia LLC participated in the Istanbul Copyright Awards with 7 books translated from Turkish.
Note: Tamara Natchkebia, who could not attend the award ceremony, received the award on behalf of Gvantsa Jobava.
Category: Academic, literature, children, philosophy-thought.
Web: www.apgeorgia.com
5. Tevfik Turan, Christina Tremmel (Verlagauf dem Ruffel), Germany.
The publishing house Christina Tremmel from Germany won the YAYFED Special Award, worth 20 000 TL.
The company was founded in 1999 in Engelschoff under the brand Verlag auf dem Ruffel. While giving great importance to Turcology, it published books in Old Turkish for a long time. Between 1999 and 2008, the publishing house published mostly textbooks, dictionaries, and text compilations on Old Turkish Language and Literature. Thus, Christina Tremmel, who concentrated only on Turcology until 2008, made great contributions to the field of Turkish and Turcology.
After 2008, the publishing house focused on translating and publishing literary works from foreign languages, especially Turkish, into German. In addition, it has conducted unique studies on the education of bilingual children. One of these studies was translated into Turkish and published in Turkey.
Christina Tremmel publishing house, which contributed to the promotion and dissemination of Turkish literature in Germany, gives life to the works of authors whose books have not been published in German-speaking countries and whose published works are out of print.
Christina Tremmel participated in the Istanbul Copyright Awards with 25 books translated from Turkish.
Category: Academic, literature, culture, history, foreign language learning.
Website: www.ruffel.de