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Who Are We?

Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program is a copyright market project that aims to bring together Turkish and foreign publishers in Istanbul every year, enabling their cultural productions to reach readers in various geographical locations. The program is organized by the Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (TBYM) and is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The project has been overseen by Intro Tema Agency since 2022.
Objectives of the Program:
* Enhancing mutual cooperation among global publishers. Establishing new commercial relationships within the publishing sector. Keeping abreast of developments in the publishing industry,
* Indirectly fostering the growth of various related sectors, including copyright agencies, editors, translators, illustrators, publishing houses, retailers, distributors, and printers,
* Creating a conducive environment for publishers to engage in business discussions and exchange copyrights, and establishing a hub for copyright markets to be visited every year,
* Transforming Istanbul into a sustainable and professionally operated copyright market with its unique dynamics.
The Istanbul Publishing Fellowship, which made its debut in March 2016, continues to garner increasing interest each year. The number of participants, the diversity of participating countries, and the quantity of copyright agreements inked among publishers are all on the rise.

In order to increase the efficiency of the project, enrich the content and gain the appreciation of the participants, new regulations and projects are being introduced.
Hybrid model; In recent years, the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship, initially moved online in response to pandemic conditions starting in 2021, has transitioned to a hybrid model that includes both online and in-person participants. This shift, with Anadolu Agency serving as the Global Communication Partner, not only allows for a more diverse participant profile but also results in an expanded number of publishers benefiting from the fair.
Focus Country Project; With the 6th Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program, the 'Focus Country' project was initiated. Through this endeavor, the publishing and literature of the selected country became the focal point, and thematic coverage commenced. Within this framework, the goal was to enhance publishing connections with the chosen country and promote it to publishers worldwide.
Istanbul Copyright Awards; Once again, in 2021, the Istanbul Copyright Awards project was inaugurated. Through this initiative, foreign publishing houses that translated Turkish publications into other languages and played a pivotal role in promoting these works globally were duly recognized and rewarded. This project was designed to incentivize the exchange of copyrights from Turkish into other languages, foster sectoral development, promote cultural cooperation, and elevate the visibility of Turkish culture. 

Our Team

Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Coordination Committee:
Mehmet Burhan Genç (Coordination Committee Chairman & TBYM Board Chairman)
Münir Üstün (Coordination Committee Member & YAYFED Board Chairman)
Mustafa Karagüllüoğlu (Coordination Committee Member & Press Publishing Union Board Chairman)
Dr. Melike Günyüz (Coordination Committee Member & TURLA Project Manager)
Dr. Muhammed Ağırakça (Coordination Committee Member & Founder of Introtema Agency)
Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Organization Committee:
Dr. Muhammed Ağırakça (Organization Committee Chairman & Founder of Introtema Agency)
Şeyma Asker (Deputy Organization Committee Chairman & Coordinator at Introtema Agency)
Doç. Dr. Akif Pamuk (Deputy Organization Committee Chairman & Consultant at Introtema Agency)
Sabire Önerbay (Organization Committee Member & TBYM Secretary)
Sümeyra İnanç (Organization Committee Member & TBYM International Relations Director)
Saliha Okul (Organization Committee Member & Content Manager at Introtema Agency)
Kübra Sime (Organization Committee Member & Translation Operations Manager at Introtema Agency)
Gulnara Yakupova (Organization Committee Member & Rights Manager at Introtema Agency)
Ayşenur Elif Akyüz (Organization Committee Member & Graphic Designer at Introtema Agency)