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What is TEDA ?

TEDA is a grant program intended to foster the publication of Turkish literature as well as works about Turkish art and culture in languages other than Turkish. Run by the Republic of Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it is a subvention program for translation and publication, providing incentives to publishers abroad who wish to publish Turkish literature and works on Turkish art and culture in foreign languages.

The TEDA Program, which began in 2005, allows foreign readers to access Turkish literature, and as well as the opportunity to read about Turkey’s vast cultural wealth, in their own respective languages. In this way the Program increases the visibility of books by Turkish authors in the global book market.

The TEDA Program, which is run by the Ministry of Culture, provides funding for applications approved by the TEDA Advisory and Evaluation Committee, with the aim of fostering greater circulation of Turkish literature worldwide.

For further information please visit TEDA Website or TEDA PROJECT Website.