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President's Message

Dear Publisher Friends,
Throughout history, Istanbul, a city spanning two continents, has hosted numerous civilizations and has consistently maintained its role as a crossroads between cultures. It has the unique ability to bring together and preserve the cultures of diverse worlds. In 2016, when we first launched the International Istanbul Publishing Fellowship, our goal was to create a cultural hub that celebrates and enriches these differences through unity. With this copyright summit in Istanbul, we are tirelessly working to establish Istanbul as a significant center in the publishing world. 
The Istanbul Publishing Fellowship is a collaborative project initiated and sustained by the Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (TBYM) and the Press and Publishers Association. This project aims to forge new and robust connections among publishers worldwide, recognizing the universality of books and culture, with Turkey at its core. It particularly opens doors for publishers in our country to the world stage. 
The project's presence in the global market is steadily growing. Each year, we see an increase in the number of participating countries, publishers, and signed copyright agreements. This success is the result of the dedicated efforts of our strong team and the support of publishers like you. We continuously introduce new regulations and develop innovative projects to enhance the project's efficiency, enrich its content, and earn the appreciation of its participants. 
Starting in 2021, we transitioned to a hybrid model that accommodates both online and physical participants. With Anadolu Agency as our Global Communication Partner, this hybrid model aims to expand the number of publishers benefiting from the fair. 
Additionally, with the 6th Istanbul Publishing Fellowship, we initiated the 'Focus Country' program, which delves into the publishing and literature of the selected country, allowing for thematic exploration. This endeavor is designed to promote intercultural understanding and sharing. 
In 2021, we launched the Istanbul Copyright Awards project, recognizing foreign publishing houses that translate Turkish publications into other languages and contribute to the global promotion of these works. Our aim is to incentivize the exchange of copyrights from Turkish to other languages, fostering industry growth, cultural cooperation, and the promotion of Turkish culture. 
Through the International Istanbul Publishing Fellowship, Istanbul is making significant strides toward becoming a global copyright marketplace that represents diverse markets. This progress presents an outstanding opportunity for the worldwide publishing industry to enhance its diversity. 
Thanks to this program, we are approaching our goal of creating a global network, with a particular focus on regions such as the Balkans, Africa, Asia, and Europe, while opening up our publications to these markets. 
This magnificent city, drawing strength from its rich history, is emerging as a new gateway to the world of publishing. We are delighted to extend our warmest welcome to you as part of the Istanbul Publishing Fellowship program.
Mehmet Burhan Genç
Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright and Licencing Society
President of Board of Directors