Time left for the Opening

Mohammad al-Khatib

Istanbul Fellowship Program is a successful organization that represents the Turkish publishing industry in Arab world in a best way. This program has an important place for transferring cultural relations between Turkish public and Arabian public. It has a significant role in not only the transfer of experience about cultural relations but also building strong commercial ties between Turkish and Arabian publishing industries. As Turkish and Arabian publishers, we all see that we share a common history, geography, past and a lot of common grounds in current structure.

Due to Istanbul Fellowship Programs, we felt that we can take important steps about building a new future and contribute the rising generations’ education in cultural and textbooks senses together. We believe that in addition to our cultural values, having a common sense in religious values and sense of belonging to values will create a stronger tie in our common works in publishing industry. In my opinion taking a part in this program, our publishing house have a significant role in translation of some Turkish books into Arabic language.

I believe that we will be a leader publishing house for translating Turkish books into Arabic and make them spread in Arab world. Especially with these works, I think Arabian public will know Turkish culture and civilization better, witness this civilization closer. At this point, the importance of this fellowship program occurs. I believe this relation of us will grow more with next fellowship programs in the upcoming years and think that these kinds of programs will have a great role in rebuilding the cultural relations between Turkish and Arabian publics.

I thank to the organizers of this program.