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ISTYADEP (Istanbul Publication Sponsorship Project) is a sponsorship program run by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM)'s affiliate company Kültür A.Ş. (a.k.a. Culture Co.) that intends to lend support to publishers aiming to translate and publish works that bring to light, preserve, and globally promote the cultural and artistic values of Istanbul.

What is the main objective of ISTYADEP?

In order to promote the culture of Istanbul on international platforms through a series of quality and original publications, the project aims to encourage the translation of selected works of urban culture, academic research, history, arts and children's literature into languages other than Turkish and subsequently their dissemination in countries speaking the respective language, thereby contributing to the promotion of the urban and national culture.

What are the areas of priority for ISTYADEP?

The following areas shall be given priority in applications for ISTYADEP:

  • City-themed books and guide books describing Istanbul's tangible and intangible heritage, as well as its historical and cultural values in an eloquent and popular style,
  • Academic, historical and cultural publications that could potentially contribute to promoting the culture of Istanbul and Turkey,
  • Publications promoting traditional Turkish culture in various branches of fine arts, using classical and modern techniques,
  • Children's literature of high quality that is produced in line with development stages of children and youth as well as their interests, tastes and expectations, and aiming to contribute to their moral development.

For applications and more:www.istyadep.istanbul