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İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Portal, Professional Communication Network of Publishers

Within the scope of the İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program, which is a starting point in the market for all publishers, a communication network that will be operative for 365 days has been established through the "365 System".
365 System is only accessible by portal members. It provides a platform where publishers can publish reports, which are available in several languages, on the publishing markets of their countries. Members can also share information about their forthcoming books with all the members through the "365 System".
In this network called 'International Publisher Portal' anyone applying to the İstanbul Publishing Fellowship will be able to examine the catalogs mutually with publishers and carry out their correspondence from there by entering this portal 365 days a year.
The 'International Publisher Portal' is the online professional program portal of the publishing world, where professionals such as publishers, publishing copyright agencies, publisher associations and organizations from more than 70 countries gather together..

For the participant who applies to the İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program held in March every year, ‘International Publisher Portal is updated in a way that the publishers can use it throughout the year. The portal features information on each participant such as for how many years the publisher has been active in sector, their catalogues, target areas, and their interests in buying and/or selling copyrights.
The aim of the portal is to satisfy the needs of publishers from around the world to sustain their network of communication built in the international fairs. Also, the portal enables participants to get to know new markets by keeping in touch with hundreds of publishers from around the world throughout the year.