Time left for the Opening

8th annual Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program set to begin in Istanbul


The eighth edition of the International Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program, which gathers professionals from around the world in Istanbul every year, is set to begin Tuesday.

The event is scheduled last until Thursday and will bring together 410 publishers from 66 countries to the Rami Library.

Organized by the Turkish Printing and Publishing Professional Association with support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Anadolu Agency as a global communication partner.

Under the auspices of the Governorship of Istanbul – Uzbekistan -- known for its rich heritage and vibrant traditions, will take center stage at the festival.

The program will feature a series of special sessions on Uzbekistan, including music screenings and folk dance activities, while Uzbekistan will participate as the country with the highest number of broadcasters at this year's festival.

Distinguished experts will deliver speeches on various topics, including New Themes and Trends of Publishing in Türkiye, New Agendas in the World Publishing Market, How Latin American Literature Found Global Recognition and Publishing in Hard Times - The Journey of Refugee Publishers.

Additionally, the organizing committee aims to facilitate more than 2,500 one-on-one meetings during the program.

The program promises to be a landmark event that celebrates the vibrant diversity of the publishing world while providing a platform for forging significant partnerships.

2-day event will start Tuesday bringing together professionals from around globe