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4th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program in 2019

The 4th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program took place with 95 participants from Turkey and 200 participants from 72 countries on 26 – 28 February 2019.

At the end of the application process that was available between 1st October and 30th November, 134 applications from Turkey and 575 applications from 103 countries were made. As a result of the Evaluation Process in December 2018, 200 applicants from 72 countries and 95 applicants from Turkey were accepted to the program.

A team of 40 people of interpreters and 12 people of hosts was assigned during the program. In addition, the transportation service was provided for three days to provide access to the meetings and the hotel.

The 4th İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program started with the opening speech on February 26, Tuesday. After opening speeches, seminars were held in order to present the publishing world of different countries.

Seminars were held in 8 sessions for three days. The main themes included “Professional Business Meetings Rising as a New Trend in the Publishing World”, “Crime Novels”, “Children Books in the World”, “Latin America Publishing Market Insights”, “Publishing Market in the World”, “Turkish as a Translation Language”, “Being an Independent Publisher”, and “Regional Publishing Industry”.

After the seminars, all participants had bilateral meetings which had been set beforehand through the online appointment system. 2778 bilateral meetings took place at the end of the 3-day program, and more than 1000 preliminary agreements signed.