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3rd İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program in 2018

The 3rd İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program took place with 209 participants from 66 countries on 09 – 11 March 2018.

After evaluations in January, 100 participants were selected. For those participants, 100 rooms were booked in WOW Hotels & Convention Center for three days. A team of 40 people were assigned as interpreters and hosts during program. In addition, transportation service was provided for three days to provide access to the meetings and the hotel.

The 3rd İstanbul Publishing Fellowship Program started with the opening speeches on March 9, Friday, with participation of high-level participants including Mr. Vasip Şahin, İstanbul Governor; Mr. Rıdvan Duran, Head of Culture Branch in İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Mr. Kemal Kaptaner, head of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kültür A.Ş.; Mr. Hamdi Turşucu, Head of the General Directorate of Libraries and Publications and Mr. Tayfur Esen, President of Turkish Press and Publishers Copyrights & Licencing Society. After opening speeches, seminars were held in order to present publishing world of different countries.

Seminars were held in 3 sessions for two days with participation of speakers from 7 different countries. Speakers presented information about their counties’ publishing industries in these sessions. The main themes included “Turkey, A Rising Market in Copyright”, “Adventure of Turkish Children’s Publishing in the World”, and “The Adventure of Turkish Fiction and Non-Fiction Publishing in the World”. After the seminars, all participants had bilateral meetings which had been set beforehand through the online appointment system. 1739 bilateral meetings took place at the end of the 3-day program.