Turkish Literature Abroad / TURLA project is started in 2017 by the Association of Press and Publications with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism and ISTKA Istanbul Development Agency. It has been representing Turkish literature in the most distinguished international book fairs around the world since then. It aims to showcase the Turkish publishing sector and to set up professional networks between Turkish and international publishers. For this purpose, TURLA has participated in numerous important book fairs and presented its catalogs which contain fiction, non-fiction, and children's books.
TURLA serves as a not-for-profit agency for Turkish publishers. Therefore TURLA provides intuitional and commercial consulting services and organizes various training to the publishers. At the same time, TURLA organized TURLA Meetings being the first online fair in Turkey, that brings together Turkish and international publishers on turlameetings.com in 2020.
TURLA expands its catalog day by day towards an online portal of Turkish literature. Via turkishliterature.org Turkish books from different genres are displayed to world publishers and agencies. For more detailed information about TURLA and TURLA Meetings, please visit turkishliterature.org and turlameetings.com.