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2023 Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program- B2B

2023 Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program- B2B 
By Yılmaz Parlar
The 2023 Istanbul Publishing Fellowship Program (IPF), organized by the Turkish Press and Publishers Copyright & Licensing Society (TBYM) with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, celebrated its 8th edition at the Rami Library. This event serves as a platform to promote collaboration among foreign publishers and establish Istanbul as a hub for literary rights.
The IPF continues to grow in scope and influence each year, attracting publishers from around the world. Its goal is to elevate Istanbul as a global copyright marketplace, promote Turkish literature internationally, and facilitate the translation of Turkey's unique intellectual, artistic, and cultural productions into other languages. 
During the B2B meetings at the event, discussions focused on strengthening mutual cooperation among global publishers, forging new commercial relationships, staying updated on sectoral developments, and indirectly contributing to the growth of various related sectors. However, due to the respect for business meetings, there were limited opportunities for extended conversations. 
The IPF also provided insights into the cultural richness of the focus country, Uzbekistan, beyond its literature. The event highlighted Uzbekistan's unique cultural heritage. 
Shereen Kreidieh, representing Asala Publishers, shared her extensive background in children's literature, publishing, and her involvement in cultural organizations in Lebanon. Zeynep Yığcı, owner of Caretta Yayıncılık, discussed her company's focus on various book genres, including children's stories, healthcare books, environmental awareness, world classics, horror-fantasy novels, adventure books, short stories, and sports literature. 
Overall, the IPF serves as an invaluable platform for promoting Turkish literature, fostering international partnerships, and expanding the global reach of Turkish publishing. The event's location at the Rami Library further enhances its significance, contributing to the library's reputation as a world-class research institute.

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